Lighting the Future | Refond Full Spectrum Solution Creates Healthy Campus Lighting Environment

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Lighting the Future | Refond Full Spectrum Solution Creates Healthy Campus Lighting Environment


With the arrival of the new school season, clinics for preventing and controlling myopia among teenagers are experiencing a peak in visits. In recent years, the pressure on Chinese teenagers in their studies has continued to increase, with the myopia rate among them reaching as high as 53.6%, making them the mainstream group with myopia in China.

As classrooms are places where teenagers spend long periods of time, the lighting conditions have a significant impact on the degree of visual fatigue they experience. Creating a healthy and comfortable lighting environment has become increasingly important.

Creating & Education

In the creation of the visual environment in schools, the indicators such as color temperature, color rendering, and illuminance of classroom lighting must comply with national standards. With years of experience in the lighting industry, Refond Optoelectronics, based on its expertise, has implemented a "Full Spectrum Solution" to address the impact of lighting environment on the visual health of teenagers, aiming to create an energy-efficient, safe, comfortable, and healthy lighting environment.

Refond Optoelectronics' Full Spectrum Solution simulates natural light, creating a stable circadian rhythm with adjustable color temperature. The light is akin to sunlight at 9 a.m. on a summer morning, which can promote a peaceful mood and improve the efficiency of teaching and learning/work for teachers and students.

01 Full Color Temperature Range, Mimicking Solar Spectrum
The Full Spectrum series can simulate sunlight, affecting the secretion of hormones such as melatonin and dopamine, promoting the response of photoreceptor cells to light stimulation, and relieving eye fatigue.

Moreover, the wavelength of the Full Spectrum light chip is similar to the color-perceiving cells on the retina, achieving the most natural light. This not only facilitates students' clear vision of the blackboard but also better protects the visual health of teachers and students, thus constructing a high-quality classroom lighting environment.

02 High Color Rendering Index, Restoring True Colors
The higher the color rendering index (CRI) of LED light sources, the easier it is to restore the true colors of objects. With a CRI and color rendering fidelity (R1-R15) of over 90, Refond's high CRI LED light sources can reproduce the true colors of objects, providing vivid illumination and reducing discomfort for teachers and students.

03 Blue-Light-Free, Flicker-Free, Glare Protection
Refond Optoelectronics' Full Spectrum series reduces the blue-light component from the source of light, thereby minimizing the stimulation and harm to the eyes. The light source is stable, flicker-free, with excellent desk surface illuminance and uniformity, better protecting the eye health of teachers and students.

Through blue-light hazard testing, the Refond Full Spectrum series meets the risk group RGO standard defined by the European certification IEC photobiological safety standard IEC, exempting from harm levels.

04 Adaptive Lighting, Regulate Circadian Rhythms

Refond's Full Spectrum series can adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light over time according to local sunrise and sunset changes. In the morning, it gradually brightens like sunrise, and late at night, it dims like moonlight, helping students develop good daily routines.

Leading & Illuminating

Technological leadership is the foundation of Refond Optoelectronics. Starting from the requirements of visual health and human comfort, based on national standards, it not only meets the development needs of functions such as adjusting light brightness, color temperature, and scene settings but also considers upgrading performance such as improving efficiency, light color, and lifespan, providing the best solution for educational lighting and other high-end commercial lighting applications.

Currently, Refond Optoelectronics' Full Spectrum solution has been widely promoted and achieved remarkable results in the market. Next, Refond Optoelectronics will increase research and development investment to provide customers with more healthy and efficient lighting application solutions in all aspects.

Refond's Full Spectrum solution aims to create a bright, comfortable, and healthy lighting environment, helping students use their eyes scientifically and protecting their vision. Upholding its original intention, Refond Optoelectronics empowers the development of health education with innovative technology!

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