Illuminating Guangzhou CBD Traffic Code | Refond Optoelectronics' Innovative Technology Empowers Outdoor Displays

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Illuminating Guangzhou CBD Traffic Code | Refond Optoelectronics' Innovative Technology Empowers Outdoor Displays


In a hundred cities and on a thousand screens, 

the play of light and shadow never stops. 
Only the outstanding ones stand out. 
The outdoor LED display at the Poly International Plaza in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, 

rises brilliantly under the interpretation of the giant screen and light.

It is reported that the Poly International Plaza screen is a core, top-notch naked-eye 3D outdoor LED project in Guangzhou CBD, created by Phoenix City Media. This 428.24 square meters naked-eye 3D high-definition large screen radiates the main roads of the city, attracting a constant flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Refond Optoelectronics' 2727 series outdoor full-color RGB light source adds brilliance to this screen.

This LED screen forms a 3D world composed of particles, presenting vibrant colors, intricate details, and high-definition images, providing viewers with an immersive and breathtaking experience. The content on the screen is colorful and ever-changing, staging creative shows amidst neon lights. From a distance, both people and objects seem to be breaking through the screen, forming a strong interaction with the real space. The lifelike quality captivates viewers, leaving them in awe.

2727 Series Outdoor Full-Color RGB Light Source

The Poly International Plaza screen in Zhujiang New Town adopts Refond Optoelectronics' meticulously crafted 2727 series outdoor full-color RGB light source. It excels in performance aspects such as viewing angles, brightness, contrast, reliability, and display consistency. Even under various environmental and climatic conditions, the display device maintains high stability, reliability, and outstanding display quality.

Product Advantages:

- Package size is 2.7*2.8*2.45mm.
- Special glue formula, meeting requirements for yellowing resistance, delamination prevention, UV resistance, and IPX7 waterproof level.
- High cup, low foot, five-sided ink brushing, facilitating customer gluing operations and mask design, enhancing the screen's contrast, reliability, and consistency.
- Surface matte treatment, no reflective glare, softer light source.
- Display brightness above 8000nit, delivering a vivid and lifelike image, with a long lifespan.

Powering Ultra HD Scenarios
Strength & Applications

Diverse large screens for displays to achieve ultra HD and highly stable creative presentations rely on high-quality and highly reliable LED core display components. Refond Optoelectronics focuses on the diverse needs of cultural tourism consumption, providing high-quality display LED components, covering outdoor engineering displays, outdoor small-pitch displays, indoor customized displays, and lens ultra-bright RGB light sources.

In addition, Refond Optoelectronics subjects its products to even more rigorous reliability tests. Following the standards of the IEC Electronic Industry Association, the devices undergo comprehensive experiments such as thermal shock, high-temperature and high-humidity pressure, high and low-temperature aging, ensuring that the products can consistently deliver the best visual performance, whether under the scorching sun or in misty conditions, meeting the requirements of various outdoor applications.

Empowering High-Quality Urban Development
Strategic & Demand

Not limited to this, Refond Optoelectronics has provided many high-quality and high-performance outdoor engineering display LED devices for high-end display customers in the industry. So far, Refond RGB LED has assisted major display screen manufacturers at home and abroad in realizing LED light display solutions and illuminating key locations in cities globally, reshaping urban landmarks.

In the future, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to integrate innovation with cutting-edge display technology, creating more urban landmarks, igniting consumer engines, and supporting high-quality urban development.

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