Member News | Refond Optoelectronics Wins the 2023 Hangjia Aurora Award

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Member News | Refond Optoelectronics Wins the 2023 Hangjia Aurora Award


Recently, the list of the 2023 Hangjia Aurora Award was unveiled. With its top-notch technological strength in the display industry, Refond Optoelectronics won the "Most Influential Supply Chain Award (Mini LED Backlight Module Enterprise)." At the same time, as a Grade A participating company, Refond Optoelectronics made a significant contribution to the "2023 Mini LED Backlight Research White Paper," further showcasing its strong research and development capabilities and sense of responsibility.

The "2023 Annual Most Influential Supply Chain Award" mainly recognizes outstanding leading companies or innovative products that play a core driving role in industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve outstanding results in technological breakthroughs and product innovation. This award not only affirms Refond Optoelectronics' achievements in the field of Mini LED displays over the past year but also expresses the industry's high expectations for Refond's future development prospects.

As a leading LED packaging company, Refond Optoelectronics possesses multiple independent intellectual properties and core technologies. It has applied for a cumulative total of 537 patents, with patents covering various technical areas of the company, especially in the core technology field of Mini LED, where it holds over 100+ independent intellectual properties.

Refond as one of the earliest companies in China to research and achieve mass production of Mini LED, has accumulated years of experience and technological expertise. The company has developed core technologies such as COB technology, flip-chip technology, transfer molding encapsulation, uniformity technology, ultra-thin architecture, high-brightness solutions, drive solutions (software and hardware), and cost optimization. It has provided Mini LED backlight solutions for different product series for various customers.

Refond has a clear development strategy in the Mini LED backlight field. It adheres to technological innovation and actively develops diversified solutions. These solutions have been widely used in various fields such as large-size TVs, medium-sized laptops/displays, small-sized camera screens/drones control screens/tablet panels, automotive screens, VR, and more. The company has achieved mass production and delivery.

With the penetration of new energy and intelligent driving cars, the trend of large-screen and multi-screen displays in automobiles is becoming more evident. Refond Optoelectronics keenly captures market development trends and vigorously develops the application of Mini LED new technologies in the automotive field.

Taking the stage at the forum, leading the wave of innovation
fortitude & innovate

Recently, Refond was invited to participate in the 2023 Third Shenzhen International Advanced Automotive Technology Exhibition. It delivered a speech on "Comparison of Mini LED Backlight and OLED Technology in Automotive Displays" at the forum on new automotive display technologies. Against the backdrop of the development trend of automotive displays, Refond Optoelectronics shared its latest solutions and development trends in Mini LED backlight technology with on-site guests.

In the field of automotive displays, Refond Optoelectronics provides Mini LED products/technical solutions for intelligent cockpit in-car central control, instruments, HUD head-up displays, electronic rearview mirrors, and sunroofs, addressing various technical needs of customers and leading the innovation and development of in-car lighting/displays.

Refond's automotive Mini LED backlight technology can achieve higher brightness, higher contrast, and a better display effect, with a peak brightness of up to 1000nits and a dynamic contrast ratio exceeding 10,000:1. In bright light environments, the screen display is clearer. At the same time, the absence of screen flicker can effectively reduce driver eye fatigue, providing a safer driving environment.

Compared to OLED, Refond Optoelectronics' Mini LED has advantages in reliability and lifespan, reaching an ultra-thin 0OD, realizing fine regional dimming, and customizing to meet different display needs, providing drivers and passengers with a richer visual experience.

To continuously maintain the competitiveness of Mini LED backlight products, Refond Optoelectronics has established three major production bases in Shenzhen, Hubei, Zhejiang, and introduced a comprehensive full-process quality management system to ensure the continuous and stable supply of Mini LED products.

Diligently cultivating and jointly promoting industry development
Carrying & Glory

In the future, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to focus on multiple areas such as automotive displays, TVs, AR, etc., accelerate the penetration of Mini LED light sources into the consumer-grade and automotive-grade markets, further strengthen its ability to coordinate and support the upstream and downstream of the display supply chain, provide more high-performance, highly reliable, and high-quality light source products and technical solutions, and contribute to the high-quality development of the Mini LED industry.

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